4 Yemeni migrants killed in crossfire on Saudi border

At least four Yemeni migrants were killed in a crossfire in the past 24 hours when they were trying to cross into Saudi Arabia to seek jobs, medics have confirmed.

Six other illegal migrants were wounded in the exchange of machine guns and artillery fire between Yemeni Houthi militia and Saudi border guards in the Yemeni border district of Monabih, the medics told Xinhua news agency.

Such accidents have been frequently reported in this area.

The Monabih district in Yemen’s northern province of Saada has become one of the busiest routes to enter Saudi Arabia among the illegal migrants who lost their jobs since the civil war erupted seven years ago.

According to the International Organisation for Migration, an estimated 32,000 migrants are stranded in dire conditions in Yemen, mainly in urban transit hubs, due to Covid-19 mobility restrictions which have impeded their journeys to Saudi Arabia.